Welcome Center

Welcome Center

A Capitol Way to Introduce Oregon

Sticky developed the Oregon State Capitol's Welcome Center to help the 200,000 annual visitors explore building highlights and encourage them to discover events, places, and history throughout the state.

Visitors are greeted with an image of Oregon that proclaims WELCOME in 36 languages, including 16 languages spoken by Indigenous Oregonians. Interactives throughout the room invite visitors to learn about all there is to do within the Capitol grounds, and across the state.

At the visit planning station, people discover tours, special events, and places of interests within the Capitol. An interactive state map highlights sites of cultural and historical significance across Oregon. Another interactive immerses visitors in the cultures and histories of the state's Native Tribes and Bands. The final interactive explores the diversity of people from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands who now call Oregon home.

Ocwc Visit Planning and Map
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