Sticky Co. stands at the intersection of creativity and technology, where we transform innovative ideas into impactful multimedia realities. More than just a digital agency, we are a team of creative problem-solvers committed to building experiences that resonate with audiences. Our journey is a blend of passion and precision, driven by a relentless pursuit to create works that are not just seen and heard but are felt and remembered.


At Sticky Company, we create interactive solutions that align with corporate objectives and captivate audiences, specializing in bringing concepts to life with cutting-edge technology and creative storytelling. Our focus is on developing memorable experiences for brand activations, executive briefing centers, and gamified internal marketing campaigns.


Andrew Haddock, President/CEO: 

As the strategic cornerstone of our team, Andrew shapes and directs nascent projects, laying the foundation for their success. His foresight in anticipating and navigating potential challenges, coupled with his expertise in setting and managing clear client expectations, ensures a seamless transition from concept to reality.

Brandon Stump, Vice President: 

As the detail-oriented force behind our projects, Brandon immerses himself in the specifics, identifies potential challenges, and integrates cutting-edge technical solutions. His extensive experience across various technologies translates into innovative and effective outcomes for our clients.

Our Commitment

In our relentless exploration of new multimedia frontiers, our commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation remains unwavering. We continually push boundaries to bring new visions to life for the world's leading brands.

Our Approach

Compact Team, Powerful Outcomes:

Our compact team delivers powerful outcomes, tackling diverse projects with a strategic, nimble, and adaptable approach. This ensures efficiency, high quality, and innovative solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

PLAY - Our Guiding Values:

Perspective, Learning, Authenticity, and Youthfulness (PLAY) guide every project we undertake. These values foster creativity, inclusivity, and a relentless pursuit of growth, perfectly aligning with the evolving needs of Fortune 500 companies.

Join Us on Our Journey

Ready to elevate your brand's multimedia strategy? Contact us to discover how we can collaborate and create experiences that resonate and endure.

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