A Legacy of Transformation

For 150 years, Oregon State University has provided high-quality education, performed groundbreaking research, served community needs, and propelled local and global economies. Sticky created audio, visual, and interactive elements to celebrate this legacy and inspire the next generation of learners.

At the heart of the exhibit was a large interactive table, featuring 150 OSU stories. Visitors explored topics of interest, learned about the exhibit’s artifacts, and discovered supplemental photos and videos. Multiple visitors could use the interactive table simultaneously.

For younger visitors, a whale-tracking research station provided two role-playing opportunities: experiencing how whales search for scarce food and learning how OSU marine mammal researchers track whales. The station also demonstrated how the climate affects whale behavior.

Additional multimedia elements Sticky created included an interactive touchscreen where visitors learned about making animations, a student union-style coffee table for exploring musical memories of campus life, and a mystery audio station that challenged visitors to identify various sounds and discover how they connect to OSU.

Osu 150 Whales 1
Osu 150 Krill Station 2
Osu 150 Animation 3
Osu 150 Couch Sounds 4
Osu 150 Mystery Sounds 5