High Hopes

High Hopes

JFK’s Legacy for a New Generation

The Oregon Historical Society developed an exhibit that explored John F. Kennedy’s early life, his presidential campaign, and the challenges he faced during his time in office. Sticky helped create an immersive experience for visitors of all ages—from those who remember Kennedy’s brief presidency to a new generation just learning about his enduring legacy.

Visitors entering the gallery were greeted by a daytime TV show from 1963. Their motion interrupted the segment and triggered Walter Cronkite’s emotional CBS news bulletin announcing Kennedy’s death.

The key installation was an addictive and educational digital game that gathered visitors around the Cabinet Room table. To illustrate the difficult political struggles President Kennedy faced, players became members of the president’s National Security Executive Committee, EXCOMM, helping the president score 1,000 points to dominate international affairs and beat the Soviet Union. Topics included historic Cold War events: the Berlin crisis, the Cuban missile crisis, and the space race.

Sticky also created video players for watching the Nixon/Kennedy debate, helped customize a working phonograph with recordings of Kennedy’s campaign jingles, and assembled a series of videos—including Jackie Kennedy’s tour of the White House—that were projected in the media room.

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